Conveyance, land law practice, and registration services:

Our Partners are well experienced in this area of practice. Our core business in this field is from our various corporate clients and in particular the banking institutions whose instructions we handle and complete expeditiously. We are presently offering services in the following areas;

Arbitration & Other ADR Services

In the course of our legal practice, arbitration and other ADR methods cannot be avoided. We therefore provide this service to our clients who are willing to avoid the pitfalls of litigation. In order to effectively support such endeavors, our Managing Partner is presently undertaking some ADR courses along with PhD studies.

Debt collection

An effective and efficient debt collection policy helps in maintaining a good business relationship. We do a lot of debt collection for various clients. In debt collection, we offer friendly terms. If this service is required, we shall provide you with our detailed debt collection policy for your kind consideration and engagement thereafter. We do some estate management for a few clients.


AWe offer legal advice to our clients to enable them make sound decisions and also be helpful to others in similar situations. We do not charge for the opinions that we informally give to all who come to our offices because we consider it our duty to demystify the law every time we have an opportunity to do so. However formal opinions are charged for appropriately.

Legal fees/costs

We believe you are very much aware that legal costs are regulated by Section 44 of The Advocates Act and the relevant Advocates (Remuneration) (Amendment) Orders thereto. We are therefore, always guided by this law and rules when charging our fees. However in some cases we are amenable to exercising provisions of section 45 of the Advocates Act which provides for the entering of legal fees agreements between Advocates and clients. This helps in protecting our clients from the exponential nature of legal costs.